Areas of Specialty


Navigating the decision-making around medical treatment is often as stressful as the actual procedures. I offer support for those going through infertility by addressing both the practical issues and the emotions that are part of the process. When complications arise, or when a miscarriage or neonatal loss occurs, clients often prefer to speak with a professional with expertise in this area rather than worry about burdening friends or family. I help clients develop approaches to cope with the emotional demands of this difficult journey.

Parenting Consultation

If you are a parent whose child doesn’t fit the traditional mold, you know that typical parenting strategies often don’t work for your family. I provide ideas that are specific to your individual situation, taking into account your “out-of-the-box” child or adolescent. We work together to understand your child, so that the solution matches the true cause of the struggle. Parents may also seek consultation when considering switching their child’s school or embarking on alternative approaches to education.

ADHD/Learning Differences

Whether you or your child are dealing with ADHD, Asperger’s, dyslexia or other challenges, difficulties with academic performance, social relationships and/or self-esteem can have a huge impact on your child. Understanding these differences is key for both parent and child in order to maintain motivation and obtain appropriate intervention at school. I can serve as the family’s advocate and consult with school personnel when needed.


The needs of the gifted are often unmet at school, whether public or private. Parents may be reluctant to make waves, and children can begin to lose their love of learning. I help identify the emotional and academic needs of gifted children, through both psychotherapy and IQ/academic achievement testing, when needed. I provide guidance to parents so that they are able to make decisions that support their family and help their children thrive intellectually, emotionally and socially.